|| तपो विद्या विरक्त्यादि सद्गुणौ घाकरानहम् | वादिराज गुरून् वंदे हयग्रीव दयाश्रयान् ||




Karnatik Vocalist


A Stalwart and a Nadopasaka, Ganakalabhushana Vidwan Dr. Rudrapatna  Krishnadikshita  Padmanabha, who traces his roots back to the town of Rudrapatna, undoubtedly has emerged as one of the most sought after musicians today. Having blessed by the great Vadiraja Swami (pontiff of Sonda mutt), he stands as a musician with a unique identity. His vibrant and mesmerizing voice, unrivalled rendition of ragas, krithis, pallavis and swara sancharas add to the beauty of his music. His music is a perfect blend of emotive appeal, incredible virtuosity, technical mastery, sophistication and divinity. He has mesmerized music lovers across the country and abroad by his musicianship.

The grandeur of anything is best felt when there is an element of one’s individuality in it. This has been proven time and again by Ganakalabhushana Vidwan Dr. R. K. Padmanabha. And no, it’s not just his music that he is passionate about, but every other project that he ventures into. He has carved a niche for himself in all the possible domains including theatre, literature, teaching, lecture demonstrations and promotion of music, labelling him as a multi-faceted personality. RKP has gained popularity as an innovative composer with compositions mainly on Sri Vadiraja Swami and on various other deities, musical technicalities and philosophy, musical stalwarts of yesteryears, social reformation, vaggeyakaras and haridasas.

Chakkani Raja Marga . .

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

It is musicians like him who try to preserve and spread the rich cultural heritage of classical music, in all its glory. Laurels have followed him right from the beginning. But it’s his extraordinary persona that makes this towering personality appreciable in the music fraternity today.