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The Amazingly gifted vocalist
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    Amazingly gifted vocalist,Ganakalabushana Vidwan R K Padmanabha, who traces his roots back to the town of Rudrapatna, undoubtedly has emerged as one of the most sort after musicians today.Having blessed by the great Vadiraja Swami,he stands as a musician with a unique persona. His exceptional music talents and extraordinary acumen has sweeped all his fellow musicians and critics off their feet. His vibrant and mesmerizing voice, unrivalled rendition of ragas and pallavis, swara sancharas add to the beauty of his music. His music is a perfect blend of emotive appeal, incredible virtuosity, technical mastery, sophistication and divinity. He has mesmerized music lovers across the state by his musicianship.

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  • Awards

    With Awards like Aryabhatta Award, Parimala Award, Samanvaya Award and more He has carved a niche for himself in all the possible domains including theatre, literature, teaching, lecture demonstrations and promotion of music Read More »
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    Na bhooto na bhavishyati.. they say in Samskrit for never before & never again.. in the same way this doyen of Indian Karnatak music has done unbelievable great tasks.. one may not be able to imagine.Read More »
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